Sincere and gentle Reader,
Hermetizam Portal is a place dedicated to presenting the most interesting and valuable texts from Western Mystery Tradition, with emphasis on Rose Cross, Martinism, Freemasonry and Hermeticism.
We will issue texts from most quality books on those subjects, as well from some internet sources that are buried so deep that they simply elude the sincere seeker. Also, in time, we will put several our research articles.

Hermetizam Portal consists of several people from various Orders and Traditions. Most of us are stationed in Croatia-European Union, but a few of us travel to U.K. on regular basis where we received 2 quality Esoteric lineages. We also collaborate with versed people from around the world.

We do not represent any Esoteric Order, rather we encourage seekers to explore and find the path for themselves. Various people are at various level of Soul evolution, therefore that which suits one will not necessarily suit the other. You will find the list of quality Orders in our links section.

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Thank you for your attention.

R. R. Executive Editor